KSS, Ajax development with style

Brief notes made during Mr. Jeroen VLOOTHUIS’s talk at EuroPython 2007

KSS – Generic JavaScript AJAX framework

  • Removes the need to write lots of JavaScript
  • Separates HTML & JavaScript
  • Additional support for Python
  • Easy to create new plugins for custom functionality
  • Deflated adds 20-30k after compression [verify]

More info: http://KSSProject.org

‘Case study of a Pylons project’ notes

Rambling techie notes made during Max ISCHENKO’s talk at EuroPython 2007

  • Templating MAKO – globals are accessible
  • SQLAlchemy rated over SQLObject [his opinion]
  • Pylons next version handles multiple DBs out of the box
  • Includes unicode encoding/decoding
  • Validation
    • htmlfill
    • formencode (**?)
  • TurboGears:- ToscaWidgets, now standalone alpha
  • Pylons: only basic validation


paste.fixture [few docs]


Restart supervisor2 [Look up] monitor app;


  • Structure
  • i18n
  • WSGI (behind the scenes)
  • ROUTES -suits for URL despatching


  • Use the source, Luke
  • Pylons discussion groups

NB from 2008 Pylons will be closely integrated with Turbo Gears 2

‘Seamless object persistence with ZODB’ session notes

Rambling notes made during this talk in EuroPython 2007, please take with a pinch of salt.

  • ZODB can be used standalone
  • Persistence class is used as base class
  • transaction.about() = rollback
  • root[] = dictionary like object
  • root[‘app’] = root object

Storage options

  • Filesystem
  • Access to DB
  • Pickle
  • Serialise
  • MappingStorage
  • DemoStorage [reads live DB; writes to demo]
  • ZEO database
  • Can wrap with BlobStorage

Eggs:- EasyInstall ZODB

NB: Mutable objects need extra care; e.g. Preserving changes in a list after creation. Where possible use PersistentList, PersistentDict, …

If you have a handler on an object you can mark it’s parent as changed; e.g.root._p_changed.


ZODB (verify: 3.8 beta blogs)


  • commit
  • abort
  • doom (delay abort; use value after marked not to commit)
  • save points [Can stack, e.g. If processing a file or a a loop of actions]
  • undo

Standalone querying tool for ZODB

  • zope.index
  • zope.catalog


  • Hotcopy
  • Incremental backup possible

Look up

EuroPython 2007: Sessions

Vilnius, Lithuania, 9-11 July 2007

This post expands upon my previous post outlining EuroPython 2007 conference. Sessions attended, sorely missed and topics to investigate further are detailed below.

An overview of each session and links to any available resources can be found by clicking the title of the session. This post will also contain personal techie notes that I made during each session.

Sessions I would like to have attended but, mostly due to timetable clashes, could not attend.

Silva CMS

by Mr. Kit BLAKE (Infrae)

Point overs Plone CMS:

  • Likes hierarchy
  • Nested sub sites
  • Authentication TTW
  • Has a zip import feature
  • Plans to support import via Open Office

Seamless object persistence with ZODB

By Mr. Christian THEUNE

Notes on this session

The Storm Object-Relational Mapper

by Gustavo NIEMEYER (Canonical)

Client-side clustering & managing of multiple databases. Each store has its own connection cache

Similar to:

Look up: DBAPI

Case study of a Pylons project


Notes on this session

Things to investigate further

  • ACID (transactions)
  • Sliverlight
  • Eggs (packaged up python modules/packages?)
  • KeyJNote
  • S5 (Presentation software??)

EuroPython 2007

Vilnius, Lithuania, 9-11 July 2007

Recently I was lucky enough to attend the annual EuroPython conference. This year the volunteer run Python programming language conference was held in Vilnius, Lithuania. A range of topics were discussed, with much talk of the changes Python 3000 would bring and emerging Zope 3 technologies. Alongside the scheduled talks there were a series of lighting talks, open space sessions and the conference ended with few code sprints.

The sessions I attended where mostly regarding web technologies, Plone CMS & Zope. Further details about the sessions I attended continue to be updated.

If this has whet your appetite, why not attend PyCon UK, 8th & 9th September 2007 in Birmingham, UK. Or find out more about Plone, in the dedicated Plone conference, 10th to 12th October 2007 in Naples, Italy.



Recommended reading

Title: Web Component Development with Zope 3, 2nd ed
Author: Philipp von Weitershausen
ISBN: 3-540-33807-1
Publisher: Springer-Verlag