Scrum master training

I really enjoyed refreshing my Scrum practice, when I recently attended Scrum master training with Paul Goddard from Agilify.  Below is a quick overview of Scrum. What is Scrum? Scrum is an Agile framework for software development. The ability to respond to change and deliver useful quality products quickly through incremental development and client participation. Scrum makes use of… Cross […]

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Notes on R

R – an interpreted programming environment for statistical computing and graphics Coming to R from Python and other programming languages, my notes are comparative versus exhaustive. See the following for a good guide. There is a mechanism for installing R local packages (akin to the usage of virtualenv for isolated Python package installations) install.packages Lists are like dictionaries $ is […]

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DjangoCon Europe 2015: Day 1

I’m lucky enough to be attending DjangoCon Europe this week.  See the schedule of talks for a teaser.  Talks are all being videoed and transcribed and will be shared online soon. My thoughts and fairly rough notes to self can be found below: Baptiste Mispelon: Baptiste’s adventures in Djangoland This speacker was very encouraging of welcoming new members to the community Look […]

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