Micro Python – shrinking Python down to run on a micro controller (Damien George)

Damien George, a researcher at the University of Cambridge, has rewritten Python to be optimised for running on a micro controller.  For example, the small computers that you might find in your washing machine, sometimes only have 64kb of RAM, so are generally controlled by programs written in C. MicroPython is implemented on Python 3 and includes the usual Python features, such as: floating […]

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How does a spreadsheet work? A tour of the codebase of Dirigible, the Pythonic spreadsheet by Harry Percival

As always an entertaining speaker.  Harry gave us a world wind tour of the code related to a end of life, open source, project https://github.com/pythonanywhere/dirigible-spreadsheet He also encouraged any self respecting Pythonista to sign up and register for an account at  www.pythonanywhere.com. Tip: Did you know you could add a name space to eval commands, to limit their scope.

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Talk entitled: Collaborative, streaming, 3D, and interactive matplotlib, ggplot2, and MATLAB plots in an IPython Notebook with Plotly by Chris Parmer & Carole Griffiths The idea behind plot.ly was to bring web standards to graphing and data analysis. Reason for being: Experiencing teams making graphs in various tools and trying to share it them.  This could literally be a case […]

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