Google developer day 2008: London

Yesterday, I attended this free, yes free, Google developer day held in Wembley Stadium, London.

Talks attended:

  • A deeper look as Google App Engine, Mano Marks
  • Gears, Aaron Boodman
  • Mashing up Google data APIs, Ryan Body
  • V8 – the chrome engine, Kevin Millikin

Talks I wish I’d attended:

  • State of AJAX, Dion Almaer
  • Lightening talks

Codelabs I wish I had attended:

  • Gears, Aaron Boodman
  • Maps, Russell Middleton

Overall vibe was good.  Plus nice freebies.

I did wish there was a session on Google applications and their features, and highlighting where these can be harnessed via data APIs.

I’ll post my notes from each session attended soon.