Favourite Android apps so far…

How the add on apps stack up after about a month with the HTC Desire:

  1. Dolphin browser – very recptive for touch screen Android devices
  2. SoundCloud – bringing fresh sounds to your mobile
  3. Profile Timer Free – I missed timed profiles from my last Nokia phone and this app hits the spot.
  4. K-9 Mail – already mentioned this IMAP email client in a previous post.
  5. Last.fm – if you’re a scrobbling addict you’ll understand


Hello K-9, welcome back email as I know it ;)

Luckily it didn’t take me too long to realise that the built in email client on my new Android phone did not support IMAP quite like it might have suggested.

The first major issue I noticed was that is did not detect my Sent folder correctly and created it’s own version. This I’ve seen before in other email clients as my Sent box lives under the INBOX. prefix. Unfortunately the built-in email client had no way of setting alternative locations for key folders.

Okay I thought to myself, I’ll just moved these messages myself – a pain but doable. Oh no, this was not to be the case. Even though I moved the messages and they appeared to be in the correct folder on the phone, these messages never appeared on the server.  To make matters worse this new Sent folder was only stored locally on the phone.

In comes K-9 Mail to the rescue. With good web reviews and ratings, as well as being open source, I could be onto a winner. So far so good. I’ll keep you posted if K-9 can’t feed my email addiction.

Other features that I’d already begun to  miss were being able to flag and archive messages easily, which K-9 also supports.