‘Case study of a Pylons project’ notes

Rambling techie notes made during Max ISCHENKO’s talk at EuroPython 2007

  • Templating MAKO – globals are accessible
  • SQLAlchemy rated over SQLObject [his opinion]
  • Pylons next version handles multiple DBs out of the box
  • Includes unicode encoding/decoding
  • Validation
    • htmlfill
    • formencode (**?)
  • TurboGears:- ToscaWidgets, now standalone alpha
  • Pylons: only basic validation


paste.fixture [few docs]


Restart supervisor2 [Look up] monitor app;


  • Structure
  • i18n
  • WSGI (behind the scenes)
  • ROUTES -suits for URL despatching


  • Use the source, Luke
  • Pylons discussion groups

NB from 2008 Pylons will be closely integrated with Turbo Gears 2