Day 3 at dev8D 2010

Some quick notes about the lightening talks I attended. Archiving Tweets with Twapper Keeper Why archive tweets? Twitters search limits results by number (1500) or time, approx 7 days You may want to capture an events output and ensure this data is not lost Linked data in the web We should integrate more, it’s not all or nothing.¬†Where do […]

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Day 2 at dev8D 2010 – Lightening talks and Ruby on Rails coding lab

I attended the Ruby on Rails code lab and the following lightening talks: Cloud Computing – University of Southampton Interacting with the public data store ( Web security – Ben Charlton, University of Kent Stay the hell out of pear_lib Symbian apps get started iPhone – Spotlight Kid Genetic algorithms Manufacturing for the masses – RepRap Top tips Stay out […]

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