Day 2 at dev8D 2010 – Lightening talks and Ruby on Rails coding lab

I attended the Ruby on Rails code lab and the following lightening talks:

Top tips

  • Stay out of core code at all costs, extend using plugins
  • Check out OWASP top 10 tips web security tips
  • Don’t save back up config files in the web root, for instance config.php.bak will be readable
  • Symbian apps are easy to make
  • RepRap rocks!
  • Django handles configuring paths better than Ruby on Rails

Manufacturing for the masses, RepRap notes

A fantastic 3D printer that can create plastic mouldings.

  • can print 50% of own parts (in 2.5 days)
  • most non plastic parts are widely available
  • GPL
  • costs approx €350
  • future aims to be able to shred and recycle your own plastic bottles or use starch based sources

More info:

Some commercial outlets, such as Bits from bites, make t machines that don’t replicate themselves, but can replicate parts for a RepRap machine.