FOSDEM@20 – A Celebration The cliché of constant change

By Steven Goodwin

Keynote summary

This session was an amusing and informative round-up of the last 20 years of FOSDEM.

Happy 20th birthday FOSDEM, glad to have finally made it along to this gathering of Europe’s opensource developers.

Interested in running your own server using open hardware and software and help keep the internet free, then check out:

From Zero to Useless to Hero: Make Runtime Data Useful in Teams

By Florian Lautenschlager & Robert Hoffmann

Session summary 

They are building a GDPR compliant voice assistant that give users control over personal data.

Monitoring stack slide

Lovely but not usable by their team.

How did they improve the usage and culture in their organisation to their monitoring toolkit.

E.g. Adding links from metrics re tests failing to system logs related to that test.

Create a dashboard to facilitate frequent queries, e.g. Search by trace id or username.

Also they integrated the links into commonly used tools, like ticket systems or chat tools.

Conclusion slide


How to measure Linux Performance Wrong

By Peter Zaitsev from Percona

Session summary

Intro slide

Concurrency & latency


Look up USE method, e.g. Brendan Gregg

LoadAvg is interesting but what are the resources of the machine? Also this blurs IO and CPU usage. 

Look at Saturation metrics, normalised load and ??

PSI – new feature Pressure Stall Information

Look runqlat a command line tool to look at run queue latency

CPU states to not:

IO wait is idle

Steal is CPU not available to your VM

Disk space used vs file length, think sparse files. These are missed in du – sh commands.

free look at available memory not free memory running out.

ping or mtr?

Area of research bcc tools