Assume the worst – Alex Chan

If your system allows a user interaction, say a chat function, ensure you can block people.  Gave an example about a payment platform which was abused to harass an ex.

How to build services to reduce being open to abuse online.

# Diversify the team

Interestingly you cannot change your name in the history of git say.

# Real name policies

This does ensure people will be civil, truthful, is helpful for protecting vulnerable groups

# Robust privacy controls

Have the ability to ban/block malicious users (individual/platform)

Consider shadow blocking or muting / so the blocked user cannot se they have been blocked per say.  As blocking can trigger retaliation.

This could be changeable in the past.

# Human moderation is best

Think about your moderators – they need access to counselling etc before burning out.

# Design with abusive personas in mind