PyPi (not that one): By Ben Nutall from the Raspberry PI Education team

Notes taken during a talk given by Ben Nutall at PyConUK.

Book: Learning Python with Raspberry Pi, Alex Bradbury and Ben Everard.

Book: Adventures in Raspberry Pi – Carrie Anne Philbin

Experience: open a rasp pi: have a desktop, can open idle

Hardware: Now 40 GPIO pins on B+, same price

Look at:


Add on camera available, 10MP??

Look at “import picamera”
– nice docs


Kids track to take photos wired button to board, took photos – based on a stock motion Lego scene

Another idea: Cat detector – also spray with water, then a video was sent to you tube ;)

Robotics – mini maker stuff -like a pi on wheels

Look at kick start for kit style projects

Free resources on their web site

Minecraft PI edition – limited installed by default

Energenie – remote switches for plug sockets can control via python/raspberry pi

sous-vide cooking – used to monitor temparture, turn off/on cooker  – He tried the steak – Yum!


bennuttall @ github


Pi Phone – is a proof of concept – need for proper open smart phone – not a Python project
Ans: can by the developer kit for the compute module for the R Pi

Also have a PiPad – a screen with a pi in it

*) What’s after B+

512M RAM
4 USB ports, etc
Continue developing the hardware
Just realised

Look at PiFi or WiPi <-