The IPython notebook is for everyone (Gautier Hayoun)


pip install ipython[notebook]


pip install ipython[all]

NB: I had trouble installing and needed to upgrade my version of pip

More info:


ipython notebook
  • it runs in the background
  • it opens in your browser
  • opens a listing of programs in the same folder

What can it do

Each notebook can be divided into different cells

  • a markdown cell for documentation or introductions
  • code cells, can run even run other installed languages such as Perl, Ruby
  • easy to edit multiple lines of code
  • cells share variable scope
  • can also run a limited set of local shell commands e.g. capturing shell command output in a variable
    x = !ls ..;
  • can display HTML in cells

Use cases

Individual exploration

  • play with external data
  • easy to tweak and see output in situ

Suggestions from the audience

  • can use to iterate to play with rewriting code in CPython, as you can see results side by side


  • very readable
  • self contained
  • you can share .ipynb files
  • you can host a server yourself. WARNING there is shell access!  So not suitable for pubic access.


  • SageMathCloud: provides a FREE hosted service, which has been extended to for asynchronous use (e.g. for google docs like collaboration) and for git snap shots
  • PythonAnywhere


  • nbviewer serves read only notebooks, – is like gist for notebooks
  • can export as HTML, python scripts, various other formats including as presentations


Our speaker, Gautier Hayoun, wanted to implore that iPython Notebook was for everyone, not only data scientists. It tells a story of your data processing.  Or if can be used to parse server logs or other data for ad hoc queries.

An interesting talk and a fine moustache ;)

KSS, Ajax development with style

Brief notes made during Mr. Jeroen VLOOTHUIS’s talk at EuroPython 2007

KSS – Generic JavaScript AJAX framework

  • Removes the need to write lots of JavaScript
  • Separates HTML & JavaScript
  • Additional support for Python
  • Easy to create new plugins for custom functionality
  • Deflated adds 20-30k after compression [verify]

More info:

‘Case study of a Pylons project’ notes

Rambling techie notes made during Max ISCHENKO’s talk at EuroPython 2007

  • Templating MAKO – globals are accessible
  • SQLAlchemy rated over SQLObject [his opinion]
  • Pylons next version handles multiple DBs out of the box
  • Includes unicode encoding/decoding
  • Validation
    • htmlfill
    • formencode (**?)
  • TurboGears:- ToscaWidgets, now standalone alpha
  • Pylons: only basic validation


paste.fixture [few docs]


Restart supervisor2 [Look up] monitor app;


  • Structure
  • i18n
  • WSGI (behind the scenes)
  • ROUTES -suits for URL despatching


  • Use the source, Luke
  • Pylons discussion groups

NB from 2008 Pylons will be closely integrated with Turbo Gears 2