The IPython notebook is for everyone (Gautier Hayoun)

Installation pip install ipython[notebook] or pip install ipython[all] NB: I had trouble installing and needed to upgrade my version of pip More info: Commands ipython notebook it runs in the background it opens in your browser opens a listing of programs in the same folder What can it do Each notebook can be divided into different cells a markdown […]

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‘Case study of a Pylons project’ notes

Rambling techie notes made during Max ISCHENKO’s talk at EuroPython 2007 Templating MAKO – globals are accessible SQLAlchemy rated over SQLObject [his opinion] Pylons next version handles multiple DBs out of the box Includes unicode encoding/decoding Validation htmlfill formencode (**?) TurboGears:- ToscaWidgets, now standalone alpha Pylons: only basic validation Testing paste.fixture [few docs] Deployment Restart supervisor2 [Look up] monitor app; […]

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