Keynote speaker Friday

Notes from Friday’s keynote speech at PyConUK Used in animation to move assets Used as a teaching language What are the issues Some embedded systems will never upgrade to Python 3. Interoperability: Ability to wrap and call other specialist languages like fortress, c++. We have to continue to be able to call into other libraries of new languages via wrappers […]

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Git stash

Still loving git stash. Being able to split out and reapply change sets onto a fresh pull is very liberating. Trying out small changes or reapplying local settings, whilst easily keeping abreast with upstream changes can be essential when working with two or more other developers on the same code base.

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Git workshop @ codehub

Attending a git & github workshop run by CodeHub Bristol presented by Andrew Nesbit, from Whilst I already use git every day, always nice to go along to a session to pick up new tips and be able to help out with others newer to the subject being taught.  @CodeHubBs are a inclusive and varied tech meetup, Notes […]

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