Accessible Bristol meetup

I finally made it along to one of Accessible Bristol’s monthly meetups. Léonie Watson gave a talk on Custom Interfaces with ARIA, HTML5, & JavaScript. I’m a big fan. An amazing woman. Take home points for me: It’s easier to make your dynamic websites more widely accessible than you’d think Look in this testing tool: Don’t forget your accessibility […]

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Self-Contained Deployment (Rach Belaid)

Notes taken during a presentation given by Rach Belaid at PyConUK 1620 on Friday Look up immutable server concept Docker for devs and administration Packer Vagrant docker Ansible He shows various ways to deploy the docker app Supervisord used in docker to run many processes Baby steps approach to moving to docker. Normally one container per process Isolation / sandbox

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James Google input Even finance companies are considering it Only a young project What Packaging 1 app = 1 container What’s the diff Uses less space,  only store what is necessary Start instantaneously Use cases : Development Test prod architecture Can combine with Jenkins CI CD Can use base images And then keep the docker configuration file clean Is command […]

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