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Where have you been all my life? ;)

Grep within .gz file without uncompressing it first. One of life’s small pleasures.

zgrep "search term" example.gz

strftime gotcha

It turns out in Python 2.7 datetime.strftime can’t handle dates before 1900. e.g.

ValueError: year=1066 is before 1900; the datetime strftime() methods require year >= 1900


Another great tip from PyConUK.  Need your Python tests to interact with the file system?  Find using /tmp unsatisfactory, then why not mock file system files using pyfakefs.

Practical introduction to machine learning via Kaggle problems (Ezzeri Esa)

You can follow along the machine learning tutorial yourself using materials Ezzari Esa has shared at https://github.com/savarin/pyconuk-introtutorial

Syntax tip:


- comma usage is matrix/2D list slicing

The Software Sustainability Institute

PyConUK afforded me a great oppportunity to converse with fellow technicians, including those working in HE.  Carwyn, based at Bangor University, reminded me about the Software Sustainability Institute, based at the universities of Edinburgh, Manchester, Oxford and Southampton.  Whose aim is to support better research by helping researchers to build and use better software.


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